Monday, December 28, 2009

From Fussy Babies to Stressed Out Adults - Tips for Restoring Calm

The Holidays bring excitement, fun, parties...and for many, stress or depression. Here are a few articles that can help you restore the calm during the Holiday Season (and the rest of the year too!)


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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recycle and Reuse This Holiday Season

Make it a point to recycle and reuse this Holiday Season. It's good for the environment, easy on the wallet, and encourages lots of participation from the family. Need a few ideas to get started? Check out some of these:

Save this year's Holiday greeting cards to reuse next year. An easy and frugal way to reuse: Cut off the front cover and use next year as a Holiday postcard. Simple draw a line down the middle of the back of the card to separate the areas for address and message. You'll save on postage too!

With Holiday cooking comes lots of opportunity to recycle and reuse food containers. Glass jars can be recycled and reused to make your own herb infused oils ( a great gift idea), and plastic milk containers can be used for crafts, storage and gardening, among other things.

Here's a tip for recycling/reusing wrapping paper:
Save the cardboard tubes from your wrapping paper this season, and use it to store the paper that is salvageable after the family has opened their gifts. Trim off torn areas, then roll the used paper onto the cardboard tubes to reduce wrinkles. It's easy to store, and saves you money on next year's Holiday Season.