Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Favorite Small Storage Tip: The Pencil Box

While the pencil box is a staple for school supplies, you might not realize how very versatile it can be for storing small objects. Whether you are organizing your suitcase or makeup drawer, consider purchasing a few plastic pencil boxes to store smaller items.  They're inexpensive (especially during Back-to-School sales), stackable, reusable and easy to store.  I stocked up on them a few months ago when they went on sale - 10 boxes cost me just over $3.00.

 Here's just a few ways I've used them to organize and store small items for travel, as well as around the house:

1.  To store decks of cards and dice. (The box pictured holds two decks of cards + dice.)
2.  To organize lipsticks and eyeliner pencils.
3.  To store ketchup, sugar or other condiment packets.
4.  To pack toothbrushes and toothpaste.
5.  To store hair pins and barrettes.
6.  To pack just enough Legos to keep your little one busy at a restaurant.
7.  To store small craft supplies.
8.  To store Barbie or other doll accessories.
9.  Make a mini first aid kit for your car.
10. To organize your junk drawer. Corral loose keys, batteries, birthday candles and more.

I bet you'll find at least five more ways to use them in your home, car or travels!