Sunday, July 11, 2010

Packing Made Easier with Colored Tape

Labeling boxes is always recommended, but adding an extra "visual clue" as to a box's content can save you even more time. Whether you are packing up the house for a cross-country move or organizing the garage, colored packing tape can be a big help for identifying boxes. Here's just a few of the ways to use colored tape to make your packing and organizing easier:

1.  If you have kid rooms to pack, use a different color tape for each child. Even the littlest family members will be able to spot their belongings easily.

2.  Use a bright red or yellow tape to box up your fragile items so that they are easily distinguishable to everyone that is handling them.

3.  Organize your holiday decorations at-a-glance in the garage or attic by packing them up in boxes sealed with a different color.

Colored packing or masking tape is available at a variety of places. I found a fair selection at the local Wal-Mart, but at (and other retailers) I was able to find at least eight different colors.  If you are using the tape to actually seal a box, be sure you purchase tape that will stay adhered to the cardboard surface, and is wide enough to provide a strong seal.