Friday, April 9, 2010

Charmed: A Dog's Life in Huntington Beach

Meet Charm. She's one of two rescue dogs that belong to my roommate... which kind of makes me her "aunt".  Charm's favorite place (and one of mine too!) is Dog Beach -- just one of the many dog-friendly outdoor spots available here in Huntington Beach. Now that it's Spring, you'll find Charm and her sister Paloma, weekday mornings at Dog Beach catching Frisbees and enjoying the waves.  The roommate and I have made a pact to take the dogs every morning and do a bit of power walking on the beach.  Whether you work from home, or spend the majority of your day in an office --there's nothing better than starting off with sun, surf and sand. I guess you could say it's a "Charmed Life" for all of us.

If you live in the area, know also that there are several good dog walkers in the area that will take your pooch to play if your're not available. In fact, we saw two that parked their SUVs or vans near us and unloaded multiple dogs for a beach field trip.  Dogs and people alike need time to enjoy a little "down time", whether it be at the beach, a park, or anywhere outside where you can have the chance to watch a sunrise, stick your toes in the sand and just BE...

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