Friday, September 10, 2010

Can You Spare a Pencil? RAOK Special Request

This is a special blog post - one that I don't often do, but was moved by a request I found on today...for pencils.

Today I decided that in between writing assignments and working on a client project, I would find at least one way to perform a Random Act of Kindness (RAOK). So I hopped on Craigslist and began checking out the "wanted" section. The pencil request was the second one I clicked on, and as I read it, it struck me that I could do something to help.  You see, Ms. Harris is a 5th grade teacher in San Diego that is struggling to provide supplies for her students at Edison Elementary (where 75% of the students are low-income, on school breakfast/lunch programs and whose families are unable to send their kids to school with new backpacks and the assorted supplies that parents buy this time of year). But Ms. Harris has a friend/benefactor who is trying to help -- which brings us to the Craigslist ad in which he asked simply for pencils for his friend... to replace the ones she had been using for the last two years that were donated and say "Go Army" on them.

So here we are... me, and you, my readers, trying to figure out how to help. I've done some due diligence (the school is legit, there is also another 3rd grade teacher who has signed up through the Adopt-a-Classroom website, but NO ONE has adopted the class. I checked with two other charities that used to help with requests like this, but was told they have no funds at the moment. So I'm asking... Can you spare a pencil or two? There are 27 students who could use a little RAOK and a hand up from the community.  There are some other items that were requested - items that could so easily be purchased with a corporate sponsor, so if you know one... below is the list I got from Ms. Harris' friend via email- although I am quite sure there are many more items that she and her fellow teachers could use.

Edison Elementary School,  
ATTN: Ms. Harris
4077 35th Street
San Diego, CA 92104-2291
NEED #1 - #2 Pencils
NEED #2 - Body Organ Models
$45 with FREE SHIPPING!!!
NEED #3 - MARKERS - They needs this specific type for their projects.
Single sets can be seen here for $14.50, they would need 27 sets ...   

OR   Full set can be seen here for $128.19 with FREE SHIPPING...
NEED #4  Microscopes that HAVE LIGHTS and not mirrors to illuminate the slide. 
That's all that I know about that I am not already taking care of myself.   Thanks! God bless!
Don (Ms. Harris' friend)

Your support is most appreciated!


Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

I used to substitute teach and am familiar with the teacher's plight. It is so good of you to take up the cause. Many teachers take from their own earnings to help the students. I will make an extra effort to visit some local classrooms and donate. They can also use old magazines for educational art projects.

Take care & God bless.

Angela - Upon Request said...

Thanks Judy! I read yesterday that the average teacher is now spending $400-500 per school year to purchase supplies.